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God loves you! He is speaking to you at night!

God loves you and is speaking to you many times at night through your dreams! Make sure to pay attention and to listen to them! (Although understand that some dreams are not from God, my book will help you understand all that more) Many people's lives have been helped by listening to what God is trying to tell them (or warn them about) through their dreams! God loves you more than you understand! His voice and guidance is many times in your dreams at night! In the Bible, there were many times that God would also speak to people through dreams and visions. He still today does this! So like I said, make sure to pay attention! He wants you to know he loves you! God bless! Christie Dreams and Visions Book !

Visions and Dreams

Many people don't realize how much God is speaking to them! One of those ways is through dreams! Each dream is meant to help : → Guide → Lead → And Protect us! Dreams from God are also one way of him showing us how real he really is! Many times people get visions also . This is another way that God will many times speak to people. Visions can be seen with the eyes open or closed; either way. Can you remember any dreams that you had where it seemed that God was trying to relay a message to you, or get your attention? Perhaps he has been speaking to you at night more than you know or realize! Think it through as much as you can. Even write down all the dreams you can remember having! God bless! Christie Dreams and Visions Book !

Make sure to journal your dreams!

Always make sure to journal your dreams! In your future, you will always be thankful that you did! You will be able to see how many things also came to pass in your life! Many times we can still learn from our dreams that we had in the past! In our future, we can still take the nuggets of wisdom from them and use them and apply to our lives. So make sure to write them down and date them also! God bless! Christie Dreams and Visions Book !

Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God

Have you ever had a dream about a Tornado coming at you? What about dreams of snakes? Or spiders? Ever had a dream about being pregnant , or having a baby? This book can help!   Only 4.99 !! (on sale!)       (Get to reading this now! This ebook will come straight to your email right away!) → Start learning how God is trying to get your attention through your dreams! → Each dream is like a message in a bottle from God to you ! → Learn how much God loves you and has been speaking to you at night! A little more about this book.. . After dreaming and getting many messages from God for many years, God had me write this book so that many of his children can understand how he is speaking to them at night in their dreams! Here is what is in this book: Chapter 1- Dream Introductory Chapter 2- My Testimony With Dreams Chapter 3- Using Godly Interpretation For Dreams Only Chapter 4- Why Does God Use Symbolism? Chapter 5- Journaling Your Dreams