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Dreams About Drowning!

Have you ever had a dream about someone drowning before, or almost drowning?

Have you ever seen dreams of yourself almost drowning? 

Many people have gotten dreams like this before; it is a pretty common type of dream that God gives us many times.

Here is what a dream like this can mean:

Drowning: Being overcome by situations in life. Drowning in stress, depression, (or self-pity).
Needing to be rescued. Look up:  Psalms 119:28

That above is the "symbolical" meaning of drowning dreams (and what they sometimes will mean symbolically). But there are times when God will give a dream like this for more "literal" reasons. So do ask him if your dream was meant to be literal or symbolical.

I will tell you since God mostly speaks in symbolism, I would not worry too much if you do have a dream like this. This is because it could be symbolically speaking of what is going on spiritually or emotionally to someone (or to you).

I had a dream of my daughter drowning twice when she was three years old...

When I had these type of dreams I was so worried that she was going to literally drown! So anytime we went swimming I would try really hard to watch her well, because I was worried about it as you can imagine! But as the years went on, God started teaching me how many times these types of dreams are meant to be taken "symbolically" of things in our lives (not to say that sometimes they are not meant to be taken "literal")

So I realized that I saw her drowning because it was speaking of an emotional situation I would go through in the future (and it did all come to pass).

Looking back when everything started happening I was able to get further help from God. God showed me that the dream he gave me in the past was for that situation I was going through (and still go through sometimes). By the way, this is why it is always important to keep asking God for help with your dreams.

And also I think it would be important to note that I also got other dreams about what would come with this emotional distressing situation! The drowning dreams ones were NOT the only ones! The other dreams I got (that were about the same situation) were just shown in different ways and such. But they were all apart of the big puzzle! Usually our dreams many times can be fit together like one BIG puzzle piece. They usually will all lock together to see a bigger picture. Not all your dreams will fit in the "bigger picture" puzzle... but alot of them will though!

Back to the story though, with God's help, I was able to unlock those drowning dreams to help me overcome what I was going through! Those dreams to this day STILL help me! The Lord wants to hold our hand and help us! We just have to let Him!

But again, yes, God was warning me that something large would try to overtake me emotionally. My daughter was representing me, which again, I realized later on because God began to show me this. (If you want to understand more on how sometimes other people can represent you in a dream, then make sure you check out the book I wrote on Dreams! It can greatly help you in this area!)

Thanks for reading this, and I hoped it helped!


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