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Dreams and Visions, Unlocking the Language of God

Have you ever had a dream about a Tornado coming at you?

What about dreams of snakes? Or spiders?

Ever had a dream about being pregnant, or having a baby?

This book can help! 

Only 4.99!! (on sale!) 

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→ Start learning how God is trying to get your attention through your dreams!

→ Each dream is like a message in a bottle from God to you!

Learn how much God loves you and has been speaking to you at night!

A little more about this book...

After dreaming and getting many messages from God for many years, God had me write this book so that many of his children can understand how he is speaking to them at night in their dreams!

Here is what is in this book:

Chapter 1- Dream Introductory
Chapter 2- My Testimony With Dreams
Chapter 3- Using Godly Interpretation For Dreams Only
Chapter 4- Why Does God Use Symbolism?
Chapter 5- Journaling Your Dreams
Chapter 6- Nightmares
Chapter 7- Spiritual Warfare In Your Sleep
Chapter8- Making Big Decisions
Chapter 9- What Can Stop Dreams From Coming?
Chapter 10- Soul Realm Dreams
Chapter 11- Visions
Chapter 12- Other People In Our Dreams
Chapter 13- Dreams and Visions Have Stipulations
Chapter 14- Different Types of Dreams
Chapter 15- Dream Examples
Chapter 16- Dream Symbol Dictionary
Chapter 17- Dreams God Has Given Me About America 

About the Author

Only 4.99!! (on sale for a limited time period!) 

(ebook will come to your email!)  

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Online reviews on this book!

"I loved the author's examples in this book. Her dreams helped me get a grasp on dreams I've had that were similar. I loved her writing style and most importantly her heart for God. She is a great teacher. Take the time to read this book. The author is led by the Holy Spirit. Pray about your dreams and read this book. May God bless you and the author too."   - April Robinson 


"Very enlightening! If you've been a dreamer all your life, this is a must-read! 
If you're a person who never understood your dreams and have always known they meant something, then this book is certainly for you. This book gives you insight, from the author's personal experience, of the meanings of parables and symbols. The author teaches you nuggets on how to remember your dreams.  Needless to say, the book is worth having. 

Blessings to the author. And thank you for allowing God to teach you, and for imparting the truth to your readers."  -Allen Mogul


Very deep and informative. I found this book to be pretty accurate & God led. It helped answer some questions I had been pondering. Very informative, I will keep it to reference other questions I may have in the future on my dreams.  - J.West


I believe this book will really help you! So make sure to check it out!
- Author Christie Beckley

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