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Christian Dream Interpretation, Spiders!

Christian Dream Interpretation Spiders!  # Dreams  about  # Spiders !!  🕷️ 🕷️ Spiders: Can represent demons (or like demonic attacks). Also, they represent lies. - Spiders spin webs to catch; so they will spin webs to lie to you and to catch you in their lies. - They sometimes can represent an actual situation where you will encounter real spiders. I have seen this too before. You can find this in: Job 8:14, Isaiah 59:5 More on Dreams about Spiders ..... -Dreams about spiders can sometimes come from God as a warning about attacks in your life from the enemy (the demonic realm). But sometimes satan may give you dreams about spiders to give you a scary nightmare. You can get to the place where you know and can tell the difference between a nightmare about spiders (from the enemy), or a warning dream that is actually from God. Also, make sure you check out the dream book I wrote on understanding your dreams from God! Go here: Dream

Christian Dream Interpretation, Wedding dress!

Christian Dream Interpretation Wedding Dress!  Dreams about Weddings, or having a wedding dress on!  Dreams about having a wedding dress on can many times be symbolic of being a part of the bride of Christ! (Or the need to be apart of it!)  (His church is his bride!) - It can also many times symbolically represent being more in unity with him! He is calling us to be closer to him! Since marriage is all about unity, this is why it can many times represent that in a dream! Many times if you see yourself getting married to a kind stranger that is a man, this person can be representing Jesus! Also, if you see : 1. Spots or stains on your wedding dress 2. Or, your wedding dress is not on yet and you know it is supposed to be on; or you are late for a wedding.... Then this can be a call to purifying yourself and getting ready for Christ's return! He is coming back for a bride that is ready and waiting for him! We must purify ourselves from the ways of satan and t

Christian Dream Interpretation, Snakes!

Christian Dream Interpretation Snakes!  Dreams about Snakes!  🐍 🐍 Snakes : Snakes in dreams are usually never positive symbols in dreams. - They always represent the dark world which is Satan's kingdom. - Satan was a snake in the garden of Eden when he lied to Eve. - Snakes in dreams can represent: Lies, demons, Satan, darkness. Can be found in: Revelation 20:2, 2 Corinthians 11:3, Genesis 3:4 Also, make sure you check out the dream book I wrote on understanding your dreams from God! Dreams and Visions Book! Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

Christian Dream Interpretation, Dogs!

Christian Dream Interpretation Dogs!  Dreams   about Vicious dogs! Angry or vicious dogs in dreams : They usually will represent spiritual enemies, or demonic attacks on your life. -They also can represent spiritual resistance with anything you are trying to do or accomplish for the Lord. For this see: Psalms 22:16, Philippians 3:2, Revelation 22:15 Dream example of this :  I have had a dream like this before where several dogs were trying to stop me. They were viciously barking at me while I was going up these steps. While going up these steps I had books in my hand that I had written (my books about dreams and visions).  I saw how these dogs wanted to stop me and attack me! I later got the upper hand in the situation (and the victory!) This dream was showing that I was going to come up against some serious resistance but to keep going! Keep pushing through!  I hope this helped you with any dog dreams you may have had before. Thanks and God bless!