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Dreams of School!

Dreams About Being In School! To dream of going to school (or being at school) can many times represent a time of learning from God. You will be learning new things in that season, or season in the future. Although, sometimes you may yourself teaching or leading the class at the school. And this can represent you helping others grow spiritually in the Lord. For example; It can represent a teaching ministry (or even helping to teach in children's church). Or, it can just represent ministry work in general. Also, depending on the dream, a school can represent church (since church is where you grow and learn). But again, that will depend on the context of the entire dream. My Dream Book!

Dreams About Drowning!

Have you ever had a dream about someone drowning before, or almost drowning? Have you ever seen dreams of yourself almost drowning?  Many people have gotten dreams like this before; it is a pretty common type of dream that God gives us many times. Here is what a dream like this can mean: Drowning : Being overcome by situations in life. Drowning in stress, depression, (or self-pity). Needing to be rescued. Look up:  Psalms 119:28 That above is the "symbolical" meaning of drowning dreams (and what they sometimes will mean symbolically). But there are times when God will give a dream like this for more "literal" reasons. So do ask him if your dream was meant to be literal or symbolical. I will tell you since God mostly speaks in symbolism, I would not worry too much if you do have a dream like this. This is because it could be symbolically speaking of what is going on spiritually or emotionally to someone (or to you). I had a dream of my daughter d

Common Dreams God Gives to People!

Here are some very common dreams that people receive from God: 1. Tornado & Storm dreams. 2. Dreams about having a baby (or pregnant). 3. Going to the bathroom (or washing hands or taking a shower. See my book at the bottom of post for      more information on this one!) 4. Late for school. Or, can't find their class. (also can't get into your locker...or missing the bus a lot!) 5. Dreams about snakes and spiders. 6. Dreams about your teeth falling out. 7. Dreams about flying or falling. 8. Dreams about drowning. 9. Dreams about driving (or wrecking your car). 10. Dreams about having a baby (or being pregnant). 11. Dreams about a vicious animal attacking them (like a bear, lion, alligator, wolf, or vicious dog). Hope you enjoyed that list! For even more learning, check out my book on Dreams and Visions!

More Dream Blogs Coming!

Hello fellow dreamers! I am bringing more blogs on dreams soon! So stay tuned for more coming! I have been so busy lately with many day to day things, that I have not been able to get back to writing. But I am going to make every effort to do so; because for one, it is apart of my calling! I love to help people with understanding how God is speaking to them in their dreams. So I will not delay much longer! More blogs are coming soon! And to those that have been waiting, thanks for your patience! God bless! Christie