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Common Dreams God Gives to People!

Here are some very common dreams that people receive from God:

1. Tornado & Storm dreams.

2. Dreams about having a baby (or pregnant).

3. Going to the bathroom (or washing hands or taking a shower. See my book at the bottom of post for      more information on this one!)

4. Late for school. Or, can't find their class. (also can't get into your locker...or missing the bus a lot!)

5. Dreams about snakes and spiders.

6. Dreams about your teeth falling out.

7. Dreams about flying or falling.

8. Dreams about drowning.

9. Dreams about driving (or wrecking your car).

10. Dreams about having a baby (or being pregnant).

11. Dreams about a vicious animal attacking them (like a bear, lion, alligator, wolf, or vicious dog).

Hope you enjoyed that list!

For even more learning, check out my book on Dreams and Visions!

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