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Christian Dream Interpretation, Dogs!

Christian Dream Interpretation Dogs! 

Dreams about Vicious dogs!

Angry or vicious dogs in dreams:

They usually will represent spiritual enemies, or demonic attacks on your life.

-They also can represent spiritual resistance with anything you are trying to do or accomplish for the Lord.

For this see: Psalms 22:16, Philippians 3:2, Revelation 22:15

Dream example of this

I have had a dream like this before where several dogs were trying to stop me. They were viciously barking at me while I was going up these steps.

While going up these steps I had books in my hand that I had written (my books about dreams and visions).  I saw how these dogs wanted to stop me and attack me! I later got the upper hand in the situation (and the victory!)

This dream was showing that I was going to come up against some serious resistance but to keep going! Keep pushing through! 

I hope this helped you with any dog dreams you may have had before.

Thanks and God bless! 


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