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Christian Dream Interpretation Babies

Christian Dream Interpretation:

Dreams about babies, (or being pregnant)

Ever had a dream about being pregnant or having a baby??

Babies in dreams: can represent a new beginning. Like a new calling on your life, or a new ministry to start.

They can also represent a new idea! (Sometimes even a new job or career to start). But they will represent anything "new" coming to your life.

(see: Genesis 25:23)

Pregnant with a baby:

If you see yourself pregnant with a baby in a dream, this can represent a new thing you are getting ready to birth!

Also to see baby strollers, baby swings, or baby car seats, can be the same thing.

If you have a baby in real life it could represent themselves. And sometimes these dreams are of a literal baby or a literal pregnancy coming. But most of the time they are meant to be taken "symbolically" and not "literally" (Ask God if you are supposed to take the dreams literally or symbolically. He will show you one way or another)

And one more thing: 
Sometimes babies can also represent new baby Christians. It will depend on the context of the dream.
(for this see: 1 Corinthians 3:1, 1 Peter 2:2)

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